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Unleash the power of your ideas! Experience the full impact of our 360-degree approach as it delivers your message directly to your target group at precisely the right time.

Our Focus

Our team combines expertise from journalism, IT, medicine, biotech, health policymaking, and business. This collective knowledge allows us to navigate the intricacies of a highly regulated market and develop and implement individually tailored communication strategies to suit your needs. Additionally, we offer integrated solutions that seamlessly connect all relevant communication channels. The result is maximum visibility and strong messaging targeted at the audiences that matter most to you.

Our Clients

We work with a diverse range of businesses from all health sectors, from wellness to digital health and health IT to medical technology, biotechnology, and nutrition.

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Once the message is clear, it’s a matter of finding the right way to convey it. Traditional media, social media, video content, speaker placements, paid performances, native advertising and SEO are just a few of the available options. Which channels are suitable for you is an important part of our joint strategy process. Our goal is to combine various methods in an optimal and cost-efficient manner, ensuring a comprehensive approach.


A lot has already been achieved by drawing attention to new, innovative solutions. But in combination with our public affairs specialists, the power of your arguments can be significantly increased. 

In the healthcare industry, understanding upcoming regulatory changes and their implications is often vital. Our team of public affairs experts offers valuable insights into these developments. By leveraging our knowledge and connections, we work to shape regulations in your favor.


Trust is the most important asset in communications. Credible, independent experts enjoy the highest level of trust. We can put you in touch with these experts and win them over for press conferences, lectures, or quotes for journalists.



Our network of more than 100 experts from all sectors of the healthcare industry will help you to prepare your launch in the best possible way: Are your target groups accurately identified, and is your messaging spot on? Additionally, we explore any untapped potential, leading to specific actionable recommendations.


Narrative Development

Uncover your unique narrative. Every awareness campaign starts with the question of why the audience should be paying attention. Together with you, we develop this story. Whether as impactful claims on websites, captivating storytelling for public relations, or engaging content for social media, our collaborative process ensures a clear and resonant voice in the market.


Once your story and positioning are in place, you need to prepare your communications strategically – especially in the healthcare sector. Here, you’ll encounter both enthusiastic advocates of innovative solutions and contrasting opinions. Taking into account your unique roadmap and the dynamic market landscape, we collaboratively formulate the ideal strategy and create a comprehensive communication plan that is clear, focused, and tailored for the future. This plan outlines the roadmap for the next 6 to 12 months.

Our Experts

Robert Thielicke
Unit Director
Claire Dove
Sr. Communications Consultant

Miriam Rönnau
Data Expert

Sabine Wolf
Communications Director

Barbara Albrecht
Sr. Communications Consultant

Nina Pressentin
Sr. Communications Consultant

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