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Case Study – JK Group / DAYON LightSpa

About JK Group / DAYON LightSpa

The well-established company JK Group is regarded as the world’s leading light and well-being expert. Its best-known brand is the internationally renowned solarium brand Ergoline. With the DAYON LightSpa, the JK Group added a completely new, contemporary light application for use at home to its portfolio. The LightSpa series consists of three luxurious models with a UV component as well as one model that uses only red light. The aim is to harness the biopositive effects of sunlight on mood and skin health, among other benefits. The red light device is the first full-body application of its kind in the world, smoothing the skin and relieving tension.


  • Tanning beds have a bad image. Many dermatologists paint the picture of UV radiation being harmful to health.  
  • The media are very reluctant or tend to report negatively on the subject. New studies showing positive effects for light applications with UV – enjoyed in moderation and with balanced, sun-like light components – are not picked up by the media.


  • Instead of relying on home solariums, PIABO leveraged the overarching and positive topic of light. Instead of home tanning beds, PIABO used the overarching and positive theme of light.
  • In order to communicate its positive, health-promoting effect to the outside world, we relied on three leading experts from the fields of dermatology and wellness/preventive medicine.  
  • With these key opinion leaders, PIABO organized, among other things, press conferences in Hamburg and Munich, where the benefits of (UV) light were presented.


So far, 15 exclusively positive clippings in beauty, luxury and living media reporting on the beneficial effects of light – and in connection with this, on the new DAYON LightSpas as an example of new-age light applications. Highlights: An interview with one of our key opinion leaders for ELLE, an article with the company’s light biologist in COSMOPOLITAN, and a full-page article in FÜR SIE.

PIABO's services

  • Launch communications, media relations B2C
  • Organization of press conferences incl. invitation management and on-site support
  • Organization and management of key opinion leaders
  • Strategic and conceptual consulting
"Red light activates the mitochondria, the cell power plants, thus setting the repair process in motion. That's why light baths at home, for example with the Dayon LightSpas, are highly recommended."

What our clients say

Sebastian Stammler

Head of Consumer Business, JK International

“PIABOS’ knack for storytelling and its strong connections to lifestyle media and experts alike has given our brand a new level of visibility that exceeded our expectations.”

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